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Welcome to J. Woods Marine Group

J. Woods Marine Group image The Brokers at J. Woods Marine Group are aggressive professionals with over five decades of combined experience in the industry. We are dedicated to helping our clients make sound, knowledgeable decisions that will guide them to the best value possible.

The modern offices of J. Woods Marine Group are conveniently located on the Middle River in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, known as the boating capital of the world. The area offers excellent dockage facilities and services, including repairs and maintenance. Our proximity also affords us daily contact with other leading brokerages and the entire network of available boats.

Our computer systems and access to the yachting industry is extensive boat databases allow the brokers at J. Woods Marine Group to utilize the most modern, up-to-date marketing tools available. Providing full color boat listings and E-Mail to our Internet viewers, is just another example of how we use the latest available high tech marketing tools to assure that our clients can buy or sell a boat as quickly as possible.

Every month, J. Woods Marine Group creates a new full-page ad to appear in major boating magazines. Weekends, a selection of boats are advertised in our tri-country newspapers, which also receive national and international exposure.

When you choose J. Woods Marine group as your yacht broker, we promise to work with you and for you, to address your needs and obtain the best and most satisfactory deal - thoroughly and promptly. By making the task of buying or selling a boat more pleasant, we can help make the total pleasure of boating all the more enjoyable.

When it comes time to list your boat, you will have to choose between a Central or an Open Listing. While both methods have their merits, here are some reasons why the brokers at J. Woods Marine Group believe that a Central Listing ultimately helps us do a better job marketing your yacht.

Open Listing

The Open Listing allows the boat owner or any licensed yacht broker, with the owner's consent, to sell the vessel. Only when a broker is the procuring source, is there commission due. Commitment to national and local advertising is limited, which results in less exposure for your boat. Open Listings are entered into in-house listing books or perhaps the in-house computers only, which means they are available to outside brokers only upon request, not automatically. Possibly the greatest drawback, though, is that the seller becomes responsible to perform the time-consuming running around to make the vessel ready and all the tedious paperwork.

Central Listing

The key to a Central Listing is:

  • Advertising exposure
  • Attention to the seller's interest
  • A commitment between the broker and seller

Under a Central Listing, we:

  • Advertise your boat in major, national and local boating magazines and newspapers
  • Share the listing with a select group of nearly 375 other leading brokerages worldwide via periodic "hot" faxes and "hot" e-mails
  • Enter your boat specification in an international multiple listing system (MLS)
  • Enter your boat specification on the Internet where over 30,000,000 viewers may inspect your full color detailed information.
  • Arrange the time-consuming inspections, surveys, and sea trials as well as all negotiations and paperwork.

Which is Best for You?

In the end, the Open Listing method does not allow us to maximize our extensive marketing network. The Central Listing, however, gives your boat tremendous exposure, guarantees a commitment from J. Woods Marine Group and costs you no more money. The decision, of course, is yours, and if we can answer any questions, please call us. But first, have a look at our yachts for sale, then swing by for a visit.

Happy Boating!

Johnny Woods


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